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EQWilbert Songwriting Academy!

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Jay St. Collective

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About the Instructor

Erin Eckler began writing songs when she was 17. She is a self taught musician who dabbles with several instruments, her main being guitar. Beginning her career with her debut album, “Welcome to the Creative Process,” she realized after several gigs and a couple interviews that being in the spotlight wasn’t for her. The process of writing and the catharsis that followed were what she enjoyed, so she set out to teach and pass that on. With the encouragement and support of mentors from Schenectady High School’s John Sayles School of Fine Arts, she taught a songwriting unit as part of their Senior Seminar unit for 8 years. When the class dissolved in 2016, she hoped to find a space to teach her workshop privately. Those years facilitating at SHS not only saw a dream realized in guiding hundreds of students to write and perform their own songs, it crystalized her identity as a professional artist.

The minute she set foot in Brouwer House Creative, she knew it was a perfect fit. The energy in the historic space is teeming with creativity and warmth – perfect for fledgling songwriters to stretch their expressive muscles and dive into composing an original piece. Erin looks forward to guiding hundreds more as they learn to express their own unique voices in song.

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