Lessons & Workshops


 * TEEN and ADULT sections*

Workshops are a more structured approach to songwriting that includes lessons, activities, and collaboration as well as independent study and one-on-one sessions. Over the course of one month, student will meet for six, two hour sessions. Each session will begin with a brief lesson deconstructing different aspects of songwriting and an activity that operationalizes the lesson, followed by independent study where students will have the opportunity to seek individual help.

Sessions conclude with an open mic style recital where student will perform their piece. Performances are recorded and provided digitally to each student within a week* of the recital. Students must perform their piece to receive a recording.

Workshops are broken up into Teen and Adult sections. Teen workshops are geared toward high school age teens** while adults workshops are 18+ (post high school).

*Recording delivery date may vary if re-recording is needed.

**Younger participants will be accepted upon review. Please reach out to Erin at [email protected] to discuss whether your child is a good fit BEFORE booking a space.

Private Lessons


Private lessons are an organic process designed to support the individual student’s needs and wants. Erin will guide the student to bring out their natural talents and voice while providing assistance to fill in any gaps in knowledge. In some cases this is merely providing accompaniment. In other instances she’ll aid in developing lyrics or provide a recorded track for the student to develop song lyrics around. If a student is interested in vocal coaching or approaching an instrument to aid in future songwriting, she’ll guide that process as well. In any case, she’ll work to support and encourage them as they learn this new tool to express themselves.

First Session:

Please bring in anything you’ve been working on to your first session. Mostly, Erin will spend time getting an idea of where the student is at and where they wish to be.* She will determine the best course of action for the student to reach their goals. The number of sessions if completely up to the student. They may get everything they need from one or may wish to continue.

*first sessions can vary based on students experience and/or whether they come in with a specific project in mind.

Additional Sessions:

Continued sessions will vary depending on the student’s personal needs. Frequency of lessons is also based on the students interest/ needs. It is likely that students will leave with “homework.” Some students will need to work alone and may struggle with improvisation during the lesson. In those cases they will be sent home with recordings and/or tools to help them at home. Students will also have the option of being recorded performing their piece. This can be done during a private session or during a recital.


Performing your piece is an integral part of developing a songwriting voice – especially when you’re sharing with other songwriters. Based on participation and COVID restrictions, semi frequent recitals* will take place allowing students to perform their pieces. Performances will be recorded and available for students.

*Private lesson students are not required to perform but it is encouraged.