Below is a list of workshops available through EQWilbert. Contact Erin via email if you are interested in booking. Fee schedule is for non-profit organizations and public institutions only. If you are interested in booking for a private party, go to

If you are interested if inquiring about donated services or a reduced fee, go to to submit a request.

***Our COVID policy will be enforced in addition to any policies your organization has implemented.***

Contact Information

Facilitator: Erin Eckler

Email: [email protected]


Facilitator fee per 1-2 hour workshop: $180.00

Participant Maximum: 15

Material cost: *see per person cost on each class listing

Mileage: No cost within 30 miles of address. Each mile beyond 30 is $0.50 per mile each way.


Bullet Journaling

*Material Cost: $10.00 per person *in person or virtual*

Class Length: 1-2 hours


Bullet journals (named for the dot grid on each page) are designed to increase your motivation and get you organized by creating the perfect tool, custom tailored for your life.

Class includes instructional booklet, access to materials, and journal. Instructions will cover an overview of what a bullet journal is and how to get started, transforming your goals into page layouts, and tips and tricks to get a clean look.

No prior experience is needed.

String Nail Art

*Material Cost: $7.00 per person *in person only*

Class Length: 2 hours


String nail art is a fantastic and simple way to add a personal, creative touch to your home decor. These beautiful three dimensional pieces are made with three easily found items: string, nails, and reclaimed wood. Nails are driven into the wood using a pattern template then string is wrapped around the nails to create a design.

No prior experience needed.

**Please be aware the first portion of this class is extremely loud. This class is not recommended for those with sound sensitivity**

Watercolor Affirmations

*Material Cost: $4.00 per person for in person classes

$10.00 per person for virtual classes

Class Length: 1.5 hours


Embellish an inspirational quote or affirmation while exploring watercolor paint. This class will cover tips and tricks to create uniform lettering along with a beginners introduction to watercolors. Each participant will go home with their own 8×10 watercolor affirmation in a protective cellophane sleeve.

No prior experience is needed.

Woven Watercolors

*Material Cost: $5.00 per person for in person classes

$10.00 per person for virtual classes

Class Length: 2 hours


Learn how to create a dynamic piece of textured art with this beginners class. We’ll begin by experimenting with different watercolor techniques, playing with colors, shapes, and patterns. Once dry, we’ll cut into strips and weave together. This beginner class will cover watercolor and paper weaving basics. No previous experience needed—just creativity!

This is a beginners level class so no previous experience needed.